Physical objects of all types enter our homes and offices constantly - how do you manage what stays and what goes? For some, it's important to maintain connections to people and the past through items that carry special memories. For others, keeping on top of personal or business records is critical to being productive, and maybe even compliant. We provide solutions for both of these priorities, that save space and eliminate clutter, by creating and organizing digital files that are accessible at any time!

Scanning / Digitization


  • Digitize business or personal documents, mementos, and photos 

  • Photo document 3D items with sentimental value

Stored Data Organization

  • Organize digital files by naming & creating meaningful structures

  • Maintain & compile records already existing in digital format

Data Security


  • Facilitate cloud backups & other storage of digital archives

  • Facilitate secure document destruction (shredding)



Determine what services and structure fit your needs best.


Gather the items that you want to keep safe!


Let us create high quality digital files of your materials.


Backup and store what's important to you!

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