• Sara

Heart of a Hoarder

I have the heart of a hoarder. I also have a visceral aversion to clutter. Which disposition wins? The honest answer is that both can be achieved; I can be a sentimentalist with a minimalist mission.

The tools for carrying out that mission dwell within image capture technology and the abundance of free or inexpensive data storage tools.

Dandelion Vault uses a a high quality scanner or camera to create digital files of important documents, photos, or even 3D mementos. Individual files can then be renamed, or simply grouped into folders, depending on the level of detail and searchability a collection of information requires.

Once the files are organized, there are a number of choices for how and where to store them, all customized to what suits the owner of the info. If archiving is the goal, a portable hard drive stored somewhere safe is a good option. If accessibility is important, then uploading the data to a cloud-based storage site may be a good choice.

After securing the data, originals may continue to be saved or may be discarded to get rid of clutter. Depending on the sensitivity of the content, shredding should be considered to prevent anyone else from maliciously using personal data. You'll be another step closer to actively managing what matters!


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