Connections to people and the past, through special items, are important to many of us. However, preserving those connections doesn’t have to mean keeping nostalgic objects around collecting dust, thanks to the ease of creating digital images that can be viewed any time.


Great-Grandma Evelyn's handwritten recipe for dandelion wine hangs in my kitchen. "Evie" and I never met, but having this piece of the past available - something she touched and used - makes it seem like I have a connection with her, even decades after she perfected her recipes. 

While the dandelion wine recipe holds a place of honor on the wall, entire collections of other things that are special to me are safely stored as digital files, neatly organized and backed up so my kids, the next generation, can access the digital vault of personal and family history whenever they wish.


The decision to offer scanning and stored data organization services stems from finding value in the results of those activities in my own home. Sharing resources for keeping the memories, yet clearing the clutter is an exciting adventure!  

Sara Zimmerman

Digital Archives Specialist,

Society of American Archivists 

Bemidji has been my home for many years and I'm excited to be helping others in the community feel organized and in control of their digital worlds. 

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